Network & Field Management

Avant’s Network and Field Team Management Service focuses on the performance and quality of our customer’s network. Utilising our expertise and proven delivery processes, Avant will ensure that approved bodyshop networks are consistently delivering quality repairs and will provide the necessary resources to achieve this.

Avant can offer advice on how to manage your team cost effectively whilst ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction, standards compliance and maximum return on investment.

Standards, Compliance and Audit

Not only do we provide our clients with outsourced resources to manage their approved bodyshop networks but also with the software tools to effectively manage performance standards and compliance.

Implementing these standards within your network can help to identify and resolve any issues and consequently enables the business to improve its network.

Avant’s Avantell software is specifically designed to manage the day to day activity required to run the network business and to optimise the management and performance of approved bodyshop networks to meet our clients’ requirements and expectations. 

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